There’s nothing quite like stepping out of your comfort zone than talking in public for the first time. Back in Autumn last year we were asked to be a part of the Hitched Wedding Planning Platform at The National Wedding Show and present to crowds out Top Cake Trends for 2018. As nervous as we were, we absolutely enjoyed every minute and we were thrilled to branch out from the cake studio to the stage for the weekend.

Our presentation went brilliantly and our trends have since been featured in Guides for Brides Magazine. So with the start of the new year already here, we thought we would share our presentation in the form of a blog post to inspire those of you planning your wedding in 2018.

Wedding Cake Trends for 2018

The Naked Cake

Naked Cakes are becoming a popular style cake for couples looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

This style of cake was originally seen at more rustic, bohemian-themed weddings, but it can now be glamorised to suit the more classic or luxury styled weddings. The Naked Cake works really well for a summer or spring wedding where it can be complemented by an array of seasonal summer fruits such as strawberries and bursts of colours using bright flowers.

It also works well with pastel shades too so it would compliment this delicate and light colour scheme well.

Warm Metallics

Soft rose gold and copper tones have recently become a trend both in the interiors and fashion world and now we are seeing it a lot within the wedding industry too.

Originally most popular around autumn time, Metallics are now becoming increasingly requested all year round.

The beauty with Metallics is that they can be either bold or subtle depending on your theme. The design options are endless with the use of chic metallic sequins, materials and textures to create a unique cake to suit your style.

Enchanted Woodland

These days, you can pretty much say ‘I do’ anywhere, providing the correct licences are in-place of course. We’ve seen a huge change in the style of venue and places where couples are getting married, from museums, stately homes, skyscrapers and zoos!

And even though the British weather isn’t particularly reliable, we’ve seen a huge increase in the countryside and outdoor weddings. So we’ve been creating a range of cakes to reflect a romantic natural woodland themed style.

The Enchanted Woodland cakes are layered and textured to create a natural effect. They can be styled with pretty florals, seasonal fruits and an array of natural rustic details to complement the countryside backdrop.

The Classic White

There are some things that never go out of fashion and we believe that this is the case with The Classic White wedding cake. It is consistently perfect for all seasons and for couples wishing to add that element of classic luxury to their wedding.

Many of the wedding cakes that we produce are highly decorated with intricate detail. Handmade sugar flowers, ruffles, pearls, ribbons, lace and petals can all be styled to give the Classic White different textures and a flair of elegance. A pop of colour can also be added to compliment your wedding theme.

As wedding trends come and go, the Classic White will always look chic and beautiful. It has the flexibility to be as detailed or as simple as you wish to suit your wedding style perfectly.

The Decadence Collection

The Decadence Collection, the lavish trend for opulent and indulgent wedding cakes.

We’ve been creating a collection of luxury cakes to complement the grand wedding style. Weddings set in ostentatious venues require a considerably sized wedding cake to compliment the setting and of course cater to the number of guests.

These cakes are elaborately decorated using Royal Icing. Royal Icing gained it’s title back when Queen Victoria used only white icing on her cakes. White icing in those days was very expensive and using it reflected the wealth and a family’s social status.

So it is a perfect material to use on our luxurious, decadent collection.

The design aspects of these cakes are limitless. Rich, opulent colour tones are styled and embellished with jewels, pearls, sequins and sugar detailing. Regal Gold shades are most popular, but we are seeing an increase in requests for more shimmer and lustre finishes.

If you would like to see more from our weekend at The National Wedding Show then you can watch our vlog here.

To discuss your requirements or to book a consultation contact Ann directly via email or call 020 8644 8523.

Thank you again to Hitched for including us as part of your expert panel. We really hope to work with you again this year!

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