With the weather hotting up to be one sizzling summer season, it’s no wonder that our cakes are stripping off and dripping with style.

Here at Ann’s Designer Cakes, we love seeing and innovating new trends. Cake styles weave in and out of seasons. Allowing us to adapt and suit a range of cake designs to personally suit and reflect our clients’ theme and vision for their celebration.

This year’s hot cake trend is in no doubt all about the Semi Naked and Drip Cakes. Versatile, delicious and desirable, these cakes will have your guests queuing up for a slice of these scorching cakes.

Semi Naked Cake

The Semi Naked Cake takes a step further from a Naked Cake. Unlike the Naked Cake, where the sponge is fully exposed. The Semi-Naked Cake is coated with a thick layer of buttercream around the tiers. It’s applied carefully and strategically, to allow the sponge to be exposed in various areas of the cake, thus giving it an air of nakedness.

Summer Cake Trends: Semi Naked & Drip Cakes... a three tiered semi naked cake with flower arrangements

By adding a layer of buttercream, a Semi Naked Cake can then preserve its moisture much longer, compared to the Naked Cake. The Semi Naked cake can then be decorated with fresh or faux flowers, foliage, macaroons or fresh fruit to suit your taste and style. Colouring can also be added to the buttercream to create an ombre effect or one shade also works well to compliment your colour theme.

Summer Cake Trends: Semi Naked & Drip Cakes... two semi naked birthday cakes
Summer Cake Trends: Semi Naked & Drip Cakes...a 70th birthday semi naked cake

Things to consider when ordering a Semi-Naked Cake.Please ensure that a Naked or Semi Naked Cake isn’t positioned in direct sunlight or heat sources. This will avoid drying the sponge out too quickly.

Summer Cake Trends: Semi Naked & Drip Cakes...a semi naked wedding cake with drip featured down one side

Drip Cake

The Drip Cake is fast becoming the most fun, quirky and requested of cake designs.

Dripping with deliciousness using a sweet glaze or ganache, over the top of the cake, these cakes stand out from the crowd with drippy goodness. They can be tailored and tiered to suit a range of quirky styles and themes. Or dorned with an array of toppers, fresh fruit or flowers to complete these brilliant dribbling masterpieces.

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