Never one to turn down a challenge, the Ann’s Designer Cakes team have created some truly amazing masterpieces over the last year or so.

We’ve created an edible wedding dress and a royal wedding cake. A light-up London inspired cake and a 3-D theatre, cut by none other than Bill Nighy. Now we have set our sights even higher and taken our designing and cake creating skills above the clouds to new heights.

The Little Prince

Over the past few months, as part of a filming project we’ve been working on with a television production company, (more of which will be reveal next spring), the ADC team joined forces with the Omnibus Theatre again. This time to celebrate the press launch of The Little Prince for the festive season.

Photo Credit: Dan Tsantilis 

The Little Prince is a beautiful and funny tale of friendship, love and loss. Centred around a little boy who on his quest to return to his asteroid home, encounters a stranded pilot and her crashed plane.

There were so many elements of this brilliant to play to make into cake, but there was one thing in particular that would stand out. It would challenge the team beyond anything they’ve created to date. The aeroplane.

A Six Foot Aeroplane Cake

Spanning an impressive six foot fuselage and six foot wingspan, Ann and the team designed, built and constructed the cake to replicate the pilot’s aircraft which crashed at the start of the play.

The plane even boasted a working propeller and bubble machine which blew away the audience as they entered the Common Room post the performance.

No Easy Flight

Building and creating a cake of this scale was no breezy flight.

It took meticulous planning and designing. Constructing a frame that would support the weight and the span of the wings entailed a momentous amount of planning and designing.

The logistics when dealing with such a large and extremely heavy cake weren’t simple. We not only had to take into consideration the construction of the plane, but also how it would be transported into London too. Then setting up in the theatre on the day of the performance too. With the fuselage weighing in at am impressive 100kg, each stage had to be carefully planned. It would take a team of people to lift the plane at each stage of the set up.

There was no time for delays or stalling. We were working with the theatre’s performance schedule. Everything had to be set up in time for when the performance ended in order to greet the audience before they departed the theatre.

Setting New Heights

With only moments to spare, as the curtain fell down, our aeroplane cake was complete.

The audience were invited into the common room where the cake was positioned. The amazing cast from the play thanked the audience for their support and then cut the cake together. Both adults and children flew to the cake to grab a slice or an aeroplane wheel!

The team were thrilled with how well the cake was received but everyone. It even got a mention in the Essential Surrey & SW London Review!

If you’d like to see more of the process that went into constructing this cake, then pop over to our Instagram page where the stages can be found on our Highlights.

Thank you so much to The Omnibus Theatre for working with again to create another successful cake creation. Head over to the Omnibus Theatre website to book tickets to see The Little Prince. The play is showing from 4th-30th December 2019 and is perfect for ages 4-104!

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