During the consultation process, here at Ann’s Designer Cakes, we just love hearing all about our client’s stories.

Each couples story is unique and so personal. Every step and every moment has brought them to this point with us, designing their wedding cake. In amongst planning the most special day, when they begin the new chapter in their story as a married couple.

Story Telling Through Silhouette

Lately, we’ve been seeing a new style alongside this year’s latest summer trends. A trend where couples are choosing to tell their love story through their wedding cake. In particular, through the style of Silhoette.

It’s a simplistic, yet beautifully stunning way to design and create a bespoke wedding cake and we are embracing it. From passions and travel to special moments and treasured chapters of your story, using a Silhouette style of wedding cake creates a stunning and sophisticated centrepiece for your special day.

All of our Silhouette cakes can be catered for any number of guests and they can also be styled to any colour scheme or theme.

Celebration Silhouette Cakes

We’ve also been designing and creating bespoke celebration cakes using a Silhouette style which looks fabulous too!

To place an order or to book a consultation email Ann@annsdesignercakes.com today.

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