Something that we’re sure most cake designers thrive on is being challenged artistically. Every client we meet has their own unique vision for their cake, whether it be for a wedding or celebration and being given the opportunity to bring that vision to life is what we love the most. Everything is possible in the eyes of a designer and so it’s really exciting when an invitation arises that encourages us to think outside the box or even cross over into another industry.

So when we were invited to sponsor the India Pakistan London Fashion Show in March this year, we took this opportunity to challenge ourselves as cake designers and decided to create an edible wedding dress that could actually be worn and modelled down the catwalk.

We’ve created many ostentatious cakes in the past, but never had we before made anything that could be both edible and worn, so the planning for something of this scale and criteria took several months prior to the event itself. We had to source and experiment with a range of materials to ensure that the elements would structurally work together to make the dress not only wearable, but walkable down a catwalk. The IPL Fashion Show is a prestigious event and we knew that there would vast amount of VIP’s and media coverage from all over the world in attendance to this event, so we had to get this creation not only right, but show stopping.

We spent a considerable amount of months designing the dress and sourcing the right materials for the piece. We wanted to make the dress entirely edible, what fun is there having a cake that you can’t eat! So we needed to ensure that we found the perfect gradient of rice paper that could be moulded without tearing. There were of course the human aspects to consider when sourcing the materials, such as temperature and moisture- we had to think of everything so that our dress and our model would work harmoniously together.

The construction of the dress took around two months to complete right up until the night of the show. The dress was made entirely out of edible rice paper which was sewn together and embellished with a pearlised spray and sparkles just before our model hit the catwalk.


The event took place at Gibson Hall in London and when we arrived the venue was bursting with energy and excitement, oozing so much talent and creativity. We were onsite for around three hours sewing our very beautiful and patient model, Joanna, into the dress, ensuring that after months spent designing our piece that it was perfectly fitted and secure. Then it was show time!


We were absolutely blown away by the response to the dress on the night of the show and after several months of planning, designing and creating, we were so thrilled to see how well it was received by the spectators and the press at the show. We are of course immensely proud of this achievement here at Ann’s Designer Cakes to have been given the opportunity to showcase something so unique at such a prestigious event. We really hope to work with IPL Fashion again in the Autumn and we look forward to having the opportunity to challenge ourselves as an artisan cake company further.
If you would like to see the IPL Fashion Show and our edible wedding dress in more detail then check out our vlog from the event.

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