After water, tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world. It’s a staple part of everyday life. It kick-starts our day and comforts us. It warms us up and brings people together. There’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea to get us through each day or settle us down before bed. Tea is so infused in our way of life that we can sometimes overlook its importance in our lives as well as it’s versatility.
Here at Ann’s Designer Cakes, we will always be advocates for a lovely cup of tea alongside a delicious slice of cake, but what if the tea was also the essence of the cake itself. With its subtle aromatics and it’s delicate and versatile blends, tea is an absolute joy to bake with so we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite tea-infused cakes that we’ve been innovating lately.

Floral Teas

Floral teas such as Rose, Hibiscus, Lapsang Souchong and delicate Jasmine and Darjeeling contain all of the gentle properties that are perfect for baking. It’s aromatics and fine flavours all…

Chamomile and Vanilla Sponge Cake

Chamomile might not be a usual choice of flavour for a cake but it’s one that works remarkably well. It is subtly grassy, fragrant and – bolstered by the vanilla – mellow and warm.

Earl Grey Tea Cake

With its subtle hints of lavender and its citrussy bergamot notes, the Earl Grey tea infused cake is steeped in flavour and oozes all the elegance and flair of a fine afternoon tea experience.

Jasmine with Raspberry and Honey

Sweet honey infused with tangy raspberries combined with the delicacy of Jasmine make this pairing of sweet flavours tantalising on all of the senses.

Matcha Green Tea Cake

Matcha Tea, made from the highest-quality tea, bursting with colour and health benefits is the perfect ingredient if you’re looking for a healthier tea-infused cake option. It’s a potent source of nutrients, more than green tea itself and is known to boost metabolism and slow or halt the growth of cancer.

Spiced Chi Cake

This amazingly delicious, fragrant cake uses aromatic spices in the cake itself as well as the icing. The cake is soft and light but not overly sweet while the buttercream frosting provides the balance of sweetness and richness.
Ann’s Designer Cakes are thrilled to be taking part in this year’s National Tea Day event on Saturday 21st-Sunday 22nd April 2018 held at Chiswick House & Gardens. We’ll be there selling our delicious cakes alongside an abundance of amazing tea brands and you could be there too! Tickets are still available and can be purchased here

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