Here at Ann’s Designer Cakes, something we pride ourselves on over the years is the relationships that we build with our clients. Usually, starting from the initial wedding cake consultation, the journey with each of our clients continues to weave in and out of all the wonderful and poignant moments that life has to offer. Baby showers, birthdays, achievements and wedding anniversaries, we’ve designed and created cakes for every milestone and we feel very privileged to be a part of each and every one.

Our cakes can do so much more than just suit a theme or represent your loved one’s style or interests. They can also tell their story. Over the last year or so we’ve been asked to create some really personal cakes.  This has resonated with us the importance of the cakes that we design and the amazing relationships we continue to build with our clients. Each cake has a story in mind, some more in-depth than others, but still personal and precious nonetheless.

So today we’d like to share one of our favourite celebration cakes and Tyler’s Story. An amazing little boy, who fought against all of the odds placed against him, and what better way to tell it, than to hear it from his very proud Mummy.

Cakes that Tell A Story: Tyler’s Story

“Tyler was born prematurely at 23 weeks gestation (17 weeks early). He only weighed 1lb 8oz and was just slightly bigger than my hand. When Tyler was only 8 days old, he became very poorly with his undeveloped lungs. He was fighting a very serious sepsis infection and we were told he would pass away within the hour. Our hearts were broken. Floods of tears were shed and I remember just sitting beside his incubator with my hand holding his tiny little hand and just speaking to him and telling him just how much I loved him.
The hour passed but our little boy started to fight back. This was the day that Tyler had shown what a fighter he was going to be.
He was in NICU for 148 days (almost 5 months) and during this time he undertook and conquered every challenge he was faced with.
Tyler had 4 major surgeries as he developed Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) and stones which blocked his bile ducts and he had Sepsis twice. He finally came off oxygen and breathing air at 4 and half months. We finally went home, without assisted oxygen, which we were told was incredibly rare for a child born that early. There were lots more tough challenges on top these things that we had to contend with too. 
Tyler then missed out on his first birthday as he was recovering from being admitted into the hospital with bronchitis. His 2nd birthday had to be extra special. 
During Tyler’s fight, he had a lot of people following his story and along the way, he gained some special nicknames given to him by his loved ones. This is where the design of the cake had an important meaning
We designed it as a 3 Tier which represented Tyler’s Birth, 1st Birthday and now 2nd Birthday. It also represented the strength Tyler had to raise up and above to get where he is today. The train represents Tyler and his journey. Each of the blocks on the carriages had each nickname he had gained attached. This was to show all the love and support that Tyler had received. That all of his loved ones are behind him, encouraging him and supporting him. 
Tyler is a miracle child. He has defied all the odds against him and he continues to surprise and amaze us all.
I can’t thank Ann enough for bringing this cake to life for us, it was just perfect. So Thank you so much, Ann, for everything. Charlene Tran”
Thank you so much to Charlene for sharing her beautiful story with us. We are so pleased to have helped you create something so special for your amazing little boy.
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