One of the most important ingredients, one would assume, when making cakes is usually eggs. But there are a huge amount of people who do not to eat eggs for a whole range of dietary reasons. Whether you are a vegetarian or have allergies or a cultural belief, by not having eggs in your diet, doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy sweet treats and of course, cake.

Egg Free Cakes are much lighter and delicate than your typical egg-filled treats. The cakes don’t rise quite as much, but they are still delicious. They aren’t as filling as your usual cakes, which of course means that you can indulge just a little more. Don’t worry, we won’t tell!

Traditionally Egg Free Cakes and desserts have derived from Indian cuisine as a large population of India are of Hindu religion, and therefore following a vegetarain diet is a big part of their culture. Gulab Jamun, deep-fried doughnuts soaked in rosewater syrup, or Kheer, a cardamom-tinged rice pudding.  Burfi, a milk- and sugar-based fudge and Pineapple cake are just some of the most popular cakes and desserts in Indian patisseries.

Here at Ann’s Designer Cakes, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive artisan cake company. From Gluten-Free, Vegan, Wheat-Free, Diary-Free, we thrive on challenge and evolving requirements. We love nothing more than everyone of every diet being able to really have their cake and eat it! So, of course, we are focusing on Egg Free Cakes for today’s new trend.

Gulab Jamun 


A classic Indian dessert often served during celebrations. Gulab (Rose), Jamun (Berry), are berry sized balls which have been soaked in a rose flavoured syrup. Made primarily with milk, Gulab Jamun is a very sticky and sweet treat which are certainly one for those with a sweet tooth!


Kheer (which means milk) is fundamentally a rice pudding dessert made using rice, nuts and milk.


A dense milk based sweet treat, almost like a fudge, made with milk, sugar and ghee. It can be complemented by a range of sweet toppings or toppings to suit a range a taste buds.

Pineapple Cake

A light and delicious cake with all the fluffiness you would expect from a cake, but without the egg!

Egg Free Chocolate 

Moist, sweet and scrumptious, you can still enjoy a traditional chocolate cake, without the eggs and even dairy to cater for a Vegan diet too.

Egg Free Coconut 

Fluffy, sweet and light, our Egg-Free Coconut cake is refreshingly good that just one slice wouldn’t suffice!


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