We are working on something very exciting here at Ann’s Designer Cakes, teaming up with yet another brilliant company and although are lips are tightly sealed with as to who/what/when/where …all will be revealed very soon.

We know, how very secretively celeb of us! But what we can do is give a little teaser in the form of today’s Trend Tuesday. Taking inspiration from diners and restaurants across the pond, we’ve been experimenting with our cakes in the form of Cake Shakes. So we’ve put together a collection of deliciously tasty cake infused shakes that make the perfect sweet treat or dessert.

Red Velvet Cake Shake 

Bursting with colour, the Red Velvet cake knows how to make an impact in both appearance and taste. It’s delicately delicious and when crumbled and swirled into a shake, creates a passionately scrumptious dessert.

Salted Caramel Cake Shake 

Combining sweet with salty, our Salted Caramel Cake is delectable and delicious and when mixed into a shake makes the smoothest, naughtiest dessert on the block.

Banoffee Cake Shake 

A hugely popular dessert whipped up into the ultimate heavenly shake. Using our deliciously sweet Banoffee cake, swirled into an ice-cream and caramel dream to create the most moreish treat.

Strawberry Cake Shake 

The Strawberry Cake Shake is loaded with sweetness and flavour. Using our Strawberry cake, bursting with summer vibes and combined with a shake, makes the perfect seasonal dessert.

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