Is it Trend Tuesday already? The weeks are certainly flying by in the busy lead up to Christmas and whilst the mince pies and shortbread Christmas trees are teasing us from all angles, here in Ann’s Designer Cakes kitchen, we’re trying to focus on keeping healthy. Which is why today’s new trend is focusing on Vegetable Cakes.

Yep. You heard right, vegetable cakes. 

We all try and get our five-a-day, or ten-a-day, whatever the advice is at the moment, which to some comes easy if you like chomping away on a bag of sad carrot sticks. But for others, it can be a real struggle to fill our daily diet with all the goodness of vegetables. So perhaps a cake made with vegetables is a better solution for you?

There is an abundance of vegetables that can be used in cakes that are usually dismissed due to the popularity of their flavour. Cauliflower, beetroot, and even marrow all work really well in baking. Now we can’t guarantee that the cake is totally healthy, we all need a little sweetness in our life every now and then, but we can ensure that you’ll be getting a little bit of goodness whilst you enjoy some indulgence. It’s all about balance, isn’t it?

Courgette Cake 

Courgette, or Zucchini if we want to get all fancy, is affordable, delicate in flavour and a versatile vegetable that can be perfectly paired with an array of other flavours. Lemons, limes or oranges or spiced with walnuts or pistachios, the combinations of the Courgette Cake are limitless.

Carrot & Parsnip Cake 

The Carrot and Parsnip work well together as they are closely related. The Carrot, bursting with colour and the creamy texture of the Parsnip, combined make a harmonious match for a delicious cake that can be spiced or sprinkled with nuts.

Chocolate & Beetroot Cake

Explosive in flavour, the chocolate and Beetroot cake is divine. Beetroot is vibrant in colour, rich and sweet in flavour. Bursting with nutrients, Beetroot can sometimes be overlooked or swapped for a duller vegetable. It’s popularity in cake flavour, however, is huge. It produces a wonderfully soft and moist cake with all the berry sweetness you could hope for in a cake.

Petal & Rhubarb Cake 

Delicate, pretty and light, this fragrant combination will surprise guests with its beautiful texture and tantalising flavour. Roo-barb, sorry Rhubarb, is technically a root vegetable but its stalks are treated as a fruit. This mixture of flower and fruit-vegetable is a perfect partnership for feminine celebrations such as baby showers, bridal parties, birthdays and afternoon tea.

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