With over twenty years in the wedding industry, here at Ann’s Designer Cakes, we really do appreciate that the wedding planning process can be a tad stressful. However big or small, there is just so much involved when organising the perfect wedding day.

Every wedding is unique and every couple is unique. As the countdown to the big day begins, some couples have everything seamlessly planned to the button. Whilst others are frantically winging it trying to tick everything off their endless ‘to-do’ lists. But there is one thing that most couples seem to all have in common and that is finding the time to look after themselves in the lead up to their wedding day.

Amongst all the pressure, the planning, and the celebrations, there just isn’t time left to focus on your own health and wellbeing. This is why we are now working with Forever Living and offering our clients the opportunity to give their bodies and minds a healthy boost before walking down the aisle to say those all important ‘I Do’s!’

The C9 Programme

This calorie-controlled diet and exercise programme is designed to help you lose weight, exercise, and meet your lifestyle goals. It starts with the Forever Fit C9 Programme that aims to prepare your body and adjust your mindset towards better diet and fitness habits.

It is a nutritionally-balanced programme that is formed around Forever Living UK’s bestselling Aloe Vera Gel and is set to make you not only look but feel completely recharged and cleansed from the inside out- exactly what every couple would hope for before their wedding day.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

One of client’s and bride-to-be Jodie recently carried out the C9 Programme in preparation for her wedding day. As a busy mum of two young boys, along with work and wedding planning, there is little time left in a day for Jodie to think about taking care of herself in preparation to walk down the aisle. Jodie has previously tried many high street diets and detoxes, but was looking for something different, more effective and most importantly something that she could work around her busy lifestyle.

Jodie’s C9 Story

“Before starting the C9 I felt very sluggish. I was eating healthily but I still felt incredibly hungry all the time. My wedding dress fitting was looming and I knew that I wanted to feel so much better about myself and more confident by that appointment. I had never heard of the C9 and thought anything would be worth a go. What I liked instantly about it, was that it was just a nine-day programme and that everything I needed was all in one box.

The booklet inside the box was very detailed and I liked the fact that it had a daily plan for you to follow. You could choose which flavour shake you wanted too, I went for the chocolate C9 so I still felt like I was getting my chocolate fix and yet it was doing me some good too. I downloaded the app which was amazing and it allowed me to track everything whilst I was on the go.

The first 2 days were the hardest like it is on any cleanse/detox that I’ve done before. I was amazed by how much free food you could eat and how easily the C9 fitted in with my busy daily routine. By the time day 3 came I had already felt such a difference- less bloated and slimmer and for the first time since I can remember I didn’t find myself craving or picking at food in the evening.

Days 3-9 were very easy to follow. I felt so energised and my skin was glowing and looking so healthy. I couldn’t believe how different I felt and people were even giving me compliments about how fabulous my skin was looking.

Over the 9 days on the C9 Programme as well as feeling so energised and healthy I lost a total of 7lb in weight and a total of 15” from different parts of my body. That was 2 dress sizes for me. I was amazed by the end result. I didn’t do the C9 for weight loss but to simply clean up and retrain my digestive system. The only downside was the Aloe Vera drinking gel as it doesn’t taste great but just hold your nose and go for it!

Since doing the C9 I still drink the gel daily as the health benefits are great. This was the first time I’ve ever done something good for my mind as well as my body.  It has made a huge difference to my confidence.

I couldn’t recommend the C9 highly enough. The results were beyond any of my expectations. I felt amazing, cleansed, healthy and comfortable. Since being on the C9 I have even maintained my weight loss and I intend to move on to the F15 next so that I’m not only feeling my best for my wedding for a healthier, happier future for both me and my family.

Thank you to Jodie for sharing your experience with us. If you would like to find out more or order your very own C9 Programme then please get in touch with Ann directly on Ann@annsdesignercakes.com or call 020 8 644 8523.

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